TeaseAI documentation

What is Tease AI?

Tease A.I. is software that simulates the experience of getting teased by a domme online through a chat messenger.


What's the difference between Tease AI and a typical webtease besides how it looks?

In a typical webtease you either play as another character or a vague cipher. Along the way you'll follow a (usually) linear set of instructions that last a fixed amount of time. You may be given choices of what to say at times to hear how the domme reacts. If the author is willing to put in an insane amount of effort, then you may be able to wring a few unexpected twists out of a tease through multiple playthroughs, but generally once you go through a tease one time, most of the luster is diminished.

But what if you could be teased and actually be yourself? What if the domme called you by name, and acted within parameters you set (such as how often she allows or ruins orgasms, or how intense the sessions are in terms of difficulty) What if the instructions were varied, dynamic and unexpected every time you played even when it came time to decide your orgasm?


What if you could talk to her and say what you wanted, when you wanted and have her respond accordingly?


Okay, you got me curious! Anything else it can do?

Since this is software I've built from the ground up to simulate a chat environment, several features are included that I feel are important to the experience such as:

  • The domme can search image blogs like tumblr to find random images to torment you with. She does this on her own, so every image she shows you is an unanticipated surprise. All you have to do is specify which sites she looks through.
  • Apart from teasing you in the chat session, the domme can also send you daily tasks in txt files. These are presented as notes she's typed up for you and "uploaded" to you through the chat's file transfer feature which adds to the immersion of the experience. These tasks are randomly generated and the intensity of the tasks reflect the setting you've chosen for your domme.
  • The ability to monitor the domme's social media feed, where she engages with friends (who can easily be customized themselves). Get a better glimpse of her personality or even watch how her friends react when she talks about teasing you. Or disable the feature entirely and leave the experience between just you and your domme.
  • Even more awesome features

You had my curiosity. Now you have my attention. How is this possible? Is this a legit artificial intelligence?

Only in the sense of (written) speech recognition, which is required to be able say what you want at any time and receive an appropriate response. In any other sense, no. This is not something that will learn, plan or one day establish Skynet.

In other words, this program is not an A.I. in the sense you might get from the movies. Rather it's a unique and powerful way of processing scripts.

Where do I sign ?

Start by checking the Getting started page to know how to start !

You can find more help and information in the forum of Milovana

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